Saturday, February 13, 2010

A little nightly mishap...

Ever since I started having babies that wake up at the slightest sound, I have transformed myself into a completely stealth human being. I know the steps on my stairs better than I know some of my friends (the 3rd step squeaks, the 5th moans, and the 9th sounds like I anticipate sounding as an old woman), I turn on background noise to flush the toilet, and I wouldn't even think to engage into something as noisy as, say, watching a YouTube video.

Well, yesterday I did not succeed with my low-frequency mission. To explain, my house is kind of weird. I have light switches, electric outlets and the like in places you wouldn't expect them. Not because that's how I like it, it's just how it was when I moved in. Now it so happens that one of the kitchen light switches is right next to the switch for the garbage disposal, and yes, you guessed it right, it's not a good idea to turn on your garbage disposal at 10pm, especially in "dry mode".

Also not a good idea, at least for me: Watching Food Network's "The best thing I ever ate" at 10:30pm. It made me crave a gourmet 5-course meal more than anything else! Had to make do with some brownies...

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